Zajazd Napoleoński - Hotel Warszawa, Hotel Napoleon, przyjęcia i sale konferencyjne w Warszawie.


Napoleoński Inn (formerly – Austeria) located by Płowiecka Street 83 in Wawer South Prague, was built in 1823. in place of an earlier, wooden inn. The Inn has witnessed historic events of 1656, 1794, 1831, 1939, 1944.

The first mentioning about the inn is from the seventeenth century and relates to its purchase in 1727 by Elizabeth from Lubomirskis Sieniawska, the widow of the Grand Crown Hetman. The first appearance of the inn was a typical wooden building where travelers stopped to rest and sleep. Over the years the inn stayed at this causing travelers able to settle around the artisans, vendors and factors.

Since the inn was located on the main course to the city, it caused serious problems in the form of postal armed states, military skirmishes, looting and fires. During the Kosciuszko Insurrection the inn ceased to exist on the map, because at the time of the fighting of Suvorov's army, Gocławek and Grochow were burnt. The inn lost its raison of egsistance in the time of partition and pave the Polish border in the vicinity of Prussia and Austria.

The inn's situation improved only after the creation of the Duchy of Warsaw, and exactly after 1809 when Napoleon defeated the Duchy of Austria, it gave its entire annexation. Since 1815 the inn experienced a new happening. The lively routes, developing industry and commerce has given back the opportunity to operate the inn. 1812 was a watershed year for the inn, as a fire completely destroyed the wooden construction of the building. Since 1823 the regulation was to build a brick building at the main routes. The present building stands on a block built by the regulation.

In 1831. there was a battle known as the Battle of Wawer. The inn was the center of events of this battle, hence the regiments of General Szembek launched an attack. After this fight the inn was rebuilt, guest rooms were added, kitchen and rooms for carters, for poorer customers. From 1848 to 1867. Theophilus was a tenant of the inn, financier, owner of the property on a number of Prague. Pancer Theophilus built next to the Inn a forge, vodka distillery and brick house in which he lived in. Since 1877 the role of the horse route for transporting goods was taken over by the newly built Nadwiśliańska railroad. Thus, the role the inn fell.

The inn in the interwar period served as a space for various tenants and even founded a museum. Unfortunately, during the Second World War, it was completely looted and destroyed. After the war, the building was covered quartering and completely fell into disrepair. Since 1981. the new owners those were the Walczyks family that restored its former glory and with reference to the earlier tradition of the Austeria hotel. The building of the inn is entered to the register of monuments of Warsaw, no. 645.